ArcHC_3D - Architectural Heritage Conservation Research Group

ArcHC_3D is a CIAUD (Research Centre in Architecture, Urban Planning and Design) research group in FAUL (Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon) formed in 2011 as an output of a research project in the field of photogrammetry and laser scanning applied to Heritage Conservation.

The aim of this group is to develop a transdiciplinary approach to Architectural Heritage and Conservation from theoretical framework to the practice, integrating knowledge from Architecture, History, Geometry, Computer Science, Technology and Arts.

Its core membersare CIAUD permanent members with large experience in linking academic research to application, including exclusive patented processes and devices for achieving particular objectives.

• 0D - History of Construction > >

• 1D - Architectural Heritage Conservation Studies > >

• 2D - Colour Studies for Conservation and Renovation > >

• 3D - Architectural Heritage Documentation > >

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